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I have only praises and all the thanks to Charlie Price for parting with his wisdom. I’m now far down the road of being a full time working musician living in London, and its all because of the great foundation in drumming and music I learnt from him. 


His love and passionate understanding of all music genres is a exquisite attribute, one which makes him a humble and exciting drummer to study with.


Whether it was helping me with parts for studio sessions, achieving my Trinity College grade 8, preparing for auditions for university and or developing my individual sound on the drum set. Charlie always had key lessons to guide me through, from beginner to advanced. 


Thank you Charlie, absolute legend!!!


Mr Price has been my drum teacher for the last 2-3 years and it has honestly been a lot of fun. I am nearly at the end of my Rockschool career (doing Grade 8 soon) but I feel like my love for music is still beginning.


Every lesson is different and fun and I’m always learning about drummers and their styles. I truly enjoy every lesson/session we have, and thank you Charlie for all the help getting me to where I am now!


Charlie and my son Remy hit it off straight away. Charlie is a patient teacher, very friendly and always has a positive attitude.

Remy had 20 hours of instruction in the 3 weeks we were in Malaga. He never felt that this was too many hours and looked forward to each lesson. Charlie made each class fun while at the same time teaching challenging beats and skills.

When we move to Spain, Remy will study again with Charlie and I would be confident to say that he would be on the best path to do a music degree.


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